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Reptiles breeding

”Reptile hatching – no problem”


Artificial Incubator FB 80-R -

The ARTIFICIAL INCUBATOR FB 80 E – Reptiles is the largest appliance in our radiating warm air incubator program.

It is especially constructed for reptile incubation (hatching).


The housing is manufactured with resistant hard foam panels. You can clearly observe the incubation and hatching processes through the transparent acryl glass window without opening the appliance. An electronic proportional
controller guarantees a constant incubation temperature. A water channel plate enables controlled humidity without any problems (accessory).

We naturally supply you with a complete appliance; a thermometer and a hygrometer are also delivered.

An automatic night electricity reduction is also available for the ARTIFICIAL INCUBATOR FB 80 – Reptiles as an accessory.

Technical Data:

Nominal voltage: 230 Volt AC
Consumption: approx. 40 Watt/h
Sizes: 610 x 590 x 200 mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg
Capacity: up to 6 reptile incubation containers of 120 x 120 x 60 mm

Order Number: 8001-R




”Very good quality – low price”

Artificial Incubator FB 50-R -

Our ARTIFICIAL INCUBATOR FB 50 E radiating warm air incubator, sold over ten thousand times, is especially suitable for hatching clutches of reptile eggs.

The ARTIFICIAL INCUBATOR FB 50 E is an incubator that we have consequently further developed over the years. Reliability, very good hatching results and long life are the characteristics of this incubator. If required we can also supply a moist incubation set (accessory).

The lower part of the housing is of high-quality polystyrene and is therefore resistant to wear and tear and moisture. You can observe the incubation and hatching processes at any time through the transparent lid, without disrupting the incubation process. The temperature controls are automatic through an electronic proportional controller.


A thermometer, two foam material inserts  and a manual belong to the further complete equipment.

You can start the incubation right away after receiving the ARTIFICIAL INCUBATOR FB 50 E without any other accessories.

Technical Data:

Nominal voltage: 230 Volt AC
Consumption: approx. 40 Watt/h
Sizes: Diameter 400 x 130 mm
Weight: approx. 1.5 kg
Capacity: up to 8 reptile incubation containers of 100 x 50 mm

Order Number: 5001-R